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    Common heart to treat everything

    Rough time, enjoying the warm sunshine in March, the scene, suddenly remind of less destiny “black and white alleys” the inside of the lyrics: whose dog, on the old road to enjoy the sunshine. Life troubles occupy our young light time that along the way, the pressure gradually covered heart, see the sunlight of warm cute puppy dog, the in the mind is filled with full of moving. Flying kites is child holding the line, but a kite is broken, lost child grievance expression as a very important thing. Is already grow up so it is with us, always put something in the young time tightly in her hand, but some thing is like an hourglass, the more want to catch, the more lost faster. Fortunately, the road to growth we’ve learned a lot, gradually understand that sometimes give up w
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    Life is like a dream

    I remember a long time, I have been Maggie Beautywandering, looking for the heart the final destination. When I use words on inner feelings, the accumulated for a long time, ultimately, “some mood, can only be a person to understand”. In the face of it usually and simple sentences, I think a lot, I come from the memory of the road, always think of now. Life is like a dream, a scenery, leave a memory, back is sad, forget a lot of pain. Faced with now of oneself, dare not to talk more and more, more and more afraid to remember a lot of, afraid of the past back Maggie Beautyinto my mind, once again to express the pain themselves. Many times with words,
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    Albion Cooks

    It’s an excellent recipe,” she said. “I had it fromLoop app androidKing Alfred the Great. He burnt his other cakes, you know, but never his gingerbread.” Mary Poppins In The Kitchen by P. L. Travers and Maurice Moore-Betty Alas, this super little “cookery book with a story” is out of print. I picked up a copy from the school library to read to my daughter who loves Mary Poppins (the movie) to introduce her to the book version. The premise is the Banks family cook and parents are away for a week and Mary Poppins must manage the children and the cooking. The book is 30% story Loop app iphoneand 70%
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